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Eli Sarasola played for some of the best teams in Spain, including Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona. 


Since a very young age Eli knew soccer was going to be a huge part of her life. Some close family friends would say Eli started playing soccer before she started walking. 


During her early years Eli payed on the school soccer team with her friends. There were not many youth women's soccer teams in Spain, so she played with boys for the majority of her childhood. 

At the age of 12 Eli finally joined a girl's soccer team at Añorga KKE, a historic soccer club in Spain and the Basque Country. During the next few years Eli played several National Championships with the regional youth teams (U-14 and U-18).

In 2007 she started playing at the Spanish First Division league when she signed for Real Sociedad. At 16 years old, she was the youngest player on the team and one of the youngest in the whole league. 


During her years on the team from San Sebastian Eli also played for the U-17 and U-19 Spanish Naitonal teams. She travelled to France, Lithuania, Hungary and Madrid to play several qualifiers for the European Championship. 

After her successful carrer in San Sebastian, Eli decided to pack her golves and cleats and travel to Barcelona to join one of the best clubs in the world, FC Barcelona. During her 3 years in Barcelona she won 3 Catalunya Cups, one Spanish Cup, and one Spanish League. All three titles were earned for the first time in the club's history. 

In 2012, after making an impact on Spanish soccer, she decided to move to Charleston, South Carolina, to play for Coach Michner at the College of Charleston. She defended The College's goal for two seasons and joined Colorado Rush during the months of summer to compete at the W-League, a well known American semi-professional league.